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Wholesale Lifting Magnet Manufacturer & Supplier - Factory Price & Low MOQ

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When you are in the market for permanent lifting magnets, please contact JingYi Tool Factory. You'll get the price and quality advantages if you choose our magnetic lifter!


Permanent magnet lifters, also known as permanent holding magnets, are used in a wide range of lifting applications in fabricating plants, steel service and storage centers, ports, steel mills, shipyards, etc.



Permanent lifting magnets are utilized to move block or round steel, plate steel, and iron material in your shop. Our Super-powerful permanent lifting magnets adopts contemporary high-performance NdFEB magnetic material, requiring no electricity. With the unique magnetic circuit design, smaller volume, lighter weight, and stronger holding force, It's perfect for loading or unloading most workpieces including machined parts, press molds, metal tools, etc

Quick View Of Our Magnetic Lifters 

magnetic lifter 80kg magnetic lifter 300kg magnetic lifter 1000kg magnetic lifter 3000kg
magnetic lifter 100kg lifting magnet 500kg magnetic lifter 1500kg lifting magnet 1 ton
magnetic lifter 150kg magnetic lifter 600kg magnetic lifter 2000kg magnetic lifter 2 ton 

Permanent Lifting Magnet (LMA Series) (2)124

As a professional permanent lifting magnets manufacturer & supplier, we'll provide you with high quality products at a fair price.

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