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Magnetic bases are commonly used in metalworking projects that involve using machinery. Essentially, they are holders with a magnet that one can switch off or on. They function as stands for items (often dial indicators), and users can fix them on magnetic surfaces. It is possible to use magnetic bases on any magnetic surface and can be placed in various positions, including inverted, horizontally, vertically, and at a certain angle.


As a professional manufacturer of magnetic bases, we can offer you the following products at factory-direct prices:

  • ''on/off'' Type Magnetic Base
  • Standard Magnetic Base
  • Magnetic Base Set
  • Universal Magnetic Base
  • Magnetic V-Block
  • Magnetic base with light
  • Magnetic base with nozzle
  • Accessories of Magnetic Base

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''on/off'' Type Magnetic Base

''on/off'' Type Magnetic bases include lever switch types and push-button kinds. The lever switch types bases have a switch function by turning the lever to the left to switch on the magnet and to the right to switch off the magnet. Push-button magnetic bases have a push-button switch that turns the magnet on or off. To work, they push and release the button to switch the magnet on or off. Wlien the button gets depressed, the magnet is turned on.

Standard Magnetic Base

The standard magnetic base is used as both the measuring and the holding tool for dial indicators and dial gauges, not of which need to be the lever type. The standard magnetic base is on-off in functionality, which means it can be turned on or switched off when the need arises. The apparatus that is needed can be attached and detached from the base.

Magnetic Base Set

The magnetic base set is the most used and the most widely applicable base, and it is also an essential measuring tool in almost every single entity. It is also used in many universities and other scientific learning institutions to make sure that the measurements attained during scientific research are as accurate as possible. The magnetic stem base can, if and when need is, be fixed at a given angle. Additionally, the clamping area, if there is a fine adjustment device on that particular magnetic base, can be used to adjust the direction of the position. With the magnetic base set, you can clamp a lever indicator; an ordinary dial indicator; and many more tools. Two kinds of magnetic base sets exist, the two-piece tool set, which also comes with a dial and a magnetic base, and the three-piece set, which also has a magnetic base and a dial.

Universal Magnetic Base

The universal magnetic base is an all-in-one item that can cater to all your needs. It comes with a switch with which you can turn the device and all its components on and off, and without any reaction force being created. This reduces the damage and the risk of damaging the working desk and the gauge itself. The base of the magnet comes with a permanent magnet, and thus is more than convenient and can be used to hold lever indicators and ordinary dial indicators on any machine tool. It comes with a flexible arm that can be fixed at any angle whatsoever. The said arm is easy to use, does not take a lot of time to get accustomed to using it, and once you have familiarized yourself, the speed of use is also high. As a result of the simple structure of the universal magnetic base, it is easy to maintain and thus has a long life span. It is used to hold lever indicators and ordinary dial indicators. The lever dial test indicator is designed to make sure that the measuring of surface variations can be done even in recessed and narrow areas.

Magnetic V-Block

The magnetic v-block has a total of three magnetic surfaces, the top and the bottom, which has a 90- degree V shape, and the bottom surface, which is at the opposite end of the switch. It is able to hold a variation of work surfaces so that activities such as boring, tapping, and grinding can be carried out quickly. The magnetic face of the devices comes with faces that have precision ground, making it possible for the v-holder to hold itself to work on any ferrous surface that is flat. It also comes with an on-off switch for the removal and positioning of the device. The switchable magnet base is able to exert magnetic powers on the lower; and upper and the device has a very high magnetic pull. Ergo, it is used in light milling work.

Other Style Magnetic Base

Other styles of magnet bases include:
Magnetic base with light
Lamp portability is vital in everyday situations. However; even if you do carry your lamp about, you still need to find a place to place it on. This is where the magnetic base with the light comes in hand. So long as there is a ferrous surface about, you will have a place to put and pivot your light, and thus be able to go about your business. The base of the lamp can easily be attached or removed from the ultrastrong magnetic base. Another thing that you have to take into account when trying to get light is the light intensity. With the magnetic base with light, you are assured that all that you want, illumination-wise, will be provided. It is both bright and easy on the eyes, making it possible for you to work peacefully. With this lamp, you are also assured of energy efficiency and long-lasting light life.

Magnetic base with nozzle
The magnetic base makes sure that the cooling pipe is firmly fixed in the position that you want the nozzle to be installed in. The Acetyl Copolymer plastic used in the manufacture of the nozzle is resistant to both moisture and corrosion. Thus, the devices can be used with many substances, such as oils, greases, alcohol acetone, gasoline, commercial dish detergents, lacquer solvents, and even sodium hydroxide. The max operating temperature of the devices is about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The ball and socket design of the devices ensures that the components are attached to one another properly. The hose of the device has a very flexible structure, meaning it can be installed at any angle or direction, and thus the adjustable body of the device makes it easier to change the shape and the angle when need be.

The devices are used in milling, lathe, and hydraulic machinery

Accessories of Magnetic Base

Flexible arms
A flexible arm is a linked system of tube sections containing ball joints. These magnetic bases feature a flexible arm, and a steel cable holds it together.
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