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OEM & ODM Permanent lifting Manufacturers & Suppliers

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Permanent lifting magnets come in varying capacities, and they are made by different manufacturers and factories around the world. There are a great many permanent magnetic lifter suppliers you can find online. However, finding a reliable permanent  lifting magnet supplier and high-quality products can be  challenging because of too many options in the market.

We're going to look at some of the best permanent lifting magnet suppliers for your business. If you are in the market for permanent mag lifters, then this is for you.

JingYi Tools Factory

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JingYi Tools Factory provides Permanent Lifting Magnet (LMA Series) and Permanent Lifting Magnet (LMB Series) for a wide range of applications in workshops, construction sites and industrial manufacturing.

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With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing permanent lifting magnets, JingYi Tools Factory produces permanent magnetic lifters with instant and effective holding force.

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In our factory, more than 90% of technicians have 10 more years of experience, ensuring our high product quality and high-rate productivity.

Our self-operated permanent mag lifter manufacturing plant can offer you high quality permanent magnetic lifters at a fair price.

JingYi Tools Factory is located in Ningbo City in China which is home to magnets. Hence, you don't need to worry about the quality of magnetic materials and magnetic product manufacturing there. JingYi Tools Factory has offered magnetic tools for more than 120 clients all over the world. So they know how to help grow your business. If you are in the market for permanent lifting magnets and other magnetic tools, just contact JingYi Tools Factory.

JingYi Tools Factory Products Examples

JingYi Tools Factory Products Examples

Permadur Industries

Permadur Industries logoPermadur Industries logo

Permadur Industries is a family-owned company started in 1972, they operate out of their Central NJ location in Hillsborough, NJ. Servicing all over the U.S. and including Mexico, they continue to expand their services around the world.

From the beginning and continuing that tradition, Permadur focuses on understanding the intent of the application to properly design a below-the-hook system. Safety, Productivity, and EFFICIENCY are the baseline for all of these designs.

Permadur's application engineers utilize their experience coupled with past system designs to enable the end user to understand the cost savings by purchasing Permadur Products.

Permadur's products include permanent lifting magnetic, load positioners, vacuum lifting systems, plate handling magnet systems, manually controlled lifting magnets, and so on. So if you are in need of magnetic lifting solutions, Permadur Industries can be one of your choices.

Moley Magnetics, Inc.

Moley Magnetics, Inc. logo

Moley Magnetics, Inc. manufactures and supplies a complete inventory of magnets, shears and trackpads. Also, they offer specialty services, such as rebuilding, fabrication, and maintenance. Besides, they provide our full line of products and services across a number of industries including the scrap, demolition, railroad, recycling and distribution industries.

Their lifting magnets include 12v self-controlled lifting cane magnet, 230-volt scrap magnet, fully enclosed hydraulic scrap magnet, 12v skid steer magnet and so on. You can check their website to find what you need.

Apex Magnets

Apex Magnets logo

Apex Magnets is part of Emovendo LLC. Founded in 2003, Apex Magnets specializes in a wide range of magnets and magnetic products. We offer high strength neodymium magnets in multiple shapes, sizes and configurations.

We have supplied thousands of business, industrial, and institutional clients within the U.S. and globally. Additionally, we have served thousands of individuals, with direct sales from our website and other online sales channels.

There are tremendous magnetic products on their website and their "Categories" may help you quickly find your products. Categories Examples:  Accessories, Magnetic Gift ldeas, Adhesive, Magnetic Pins & Clips, Arc Magnets, Metric Magnets, Blocks, Pole Finders & Gauss Meters, Countersink, Plastic & Other Coatings, Cubes, Retrieving/Fishing Magnets, Cylinders, Rings, Hooks, Jewelry Clasps, etc.

If you are interested in these categories, check out their website.

Industrial Magnetic

Industrial Magnetic logo

With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, quality, and performance, Industrial Magnetics provides permanent magnets and electromagnets to customers worldwide.

A solutions-based focus and consultative approach to meeting customer needs are at the core of IMI. They take pride in designing, engineering, and manufacturing industrial-grade magnetic equipment for our customers' specific requirements.

Their lifting magnets have many styles and always look cool. If you care about the pretty outlook of your magnetic lifter, their website is worth your visit.


Getting the right permanent magnetic lifter vendor for your business is very important. If you happen to choose a permanent lifting magnet that is not of high quality or not lasts long, you stand the risk of losing out to your competition in the market. Hope this article is helpful for you!


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