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OEM Magnetic Chuck Manufacturer & Supplier In China

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JingYi Tools Factory provides a wide range of magnetic chucks for numerous machining applications, such as milling, grinding, and so on. Our magnetic chucks vary in shape and size to perfectly fit your surface processing application.

Benefits From Professional Magnetic Chuck Manufacturer

  • With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing magnetic chucks, we produce magnetic chucks with instant and effective holding force.

  • In our factory, more than 90% of technicians have 10 more years of experience, ensuring our high product quality and high-rate productivity.

  • Our self-operated magnetic chuck manufactory plant can offer you price advantages.

JingYi Tools Factory Magnetic Chucks

The magnetic chuck is also called magnetic tables, mag chuck, magnetic beds, or magnet chuck. It is made from a permanent magnet, electromagnet or electro-permanent magnetic material where the magnetic force comes from. The magnetic force can achieve holding or chucking action, that's why magnetic chuck is used to hold metal tools such as dies, drill bits, and ferrous metals during machining.

JingYi Tools Factory produce many types of magnetic chucks, and can recommend you the most suitable one for your applications. 

Today, we'll recommend 3 types of magnetic chucks. If any of them is your ideal products, contact us!

EPS Series

Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck

Medium density pole, suitable for grinding and milling machine work

This electro-permanent magnetic chucks is the main accessory of horizontal grinder, which is very suitable for fixing workpiece on grinder.

It can grind workpiece of various sizes

EPQ Series (1)

Heavy Duty Magnetic Chuck

Used for normal and heavy duty drilling, milling, and CNC machining center.

Used for small, medium dimensions with normal operating air gaps and thinner workpieces.

RMF Series (2)

Magnetic EDM Chuck

Best suitable for grinding and EDM application.

Used for small, medium and thinner workpieces.

If you need other types of magnetic chucks, send us your requirement. We'll recommend one for you. We also have many other types of magnetic chucks:

  • Rectangle Permanent Magnetic Chuck

  • Round Permanent Magnetic Chuck

  • Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck

  • Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck

  • Round Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck

  • Parallel Pole Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck

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