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What is permanent lifting magnet?

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Permanent lifting magnet : also known as permanent magnet hoisting device, magnetic lifting device, magnetic hoisting device, lifting magnet, permanent magnet, etc.. It has the characteristics of small volume, stronger holding force, no electricity, almost zero remanence and high safety factor.

Permanent lifting magnet (also known as permanent magnet lifting device, permanent magnet lifting device) is divided into manual permanent magnet lifting device and automatic permanent magnet lifting device. It adopts contemporary high-performance NdFEB magnetic material to make it smaller, lighter weight, stronger holding force, unique magnetic circuit design, and almost zero residual magnetic. High safety factor, the maximum pulling force is 2.8-4 times of rated gravity. Manual permanent magnet jack handle switch with safety button, can be operated with one hand, convenient and safe. Lifting bottom "V" groove design. Automatic permanent magnet crane without manpower to pull the handle, by the lifting control of electric crane hook adsorption, can lift the corresponding round steel, steel plate, no electricity, safe use, widely used in steel lifting and handling, flat mechanical parts and various molds installation and handling. Suitable for lifting and handling normal temperature steel plate in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, automobile and other industries. Mainly used for hoisting process and lifting workpiece connection, (such as: and ring chain electric hoist, wire rope electric hoist, etc.) used for moving iron plate, block and cylindrical magnetic material work. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, compact and light result. It is widely used in factories, wharfs, warehouses and transportation industries. Improve the working conditions of loading, unloading and handling operations to improve labor efficiency.



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