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Ultimate Guide Of Magnetic V Block From Magnetic V Block Manufacturer & Supplier

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What is magnetic v block?

Magnetic v block is a tool that helps in holding or gripping complex workpieces such as things with cylindrical shapes during measurement, marking, grinding, and spark erosion. It's a useful tool with much working convenience regarding workpieces that bare hands can't handle. Its design is to use magnetic strength alongside some adjustment features. Featured in a "v"-shape (grooves), slots, and with a base, these parts contain magnetism. The system has a toggle switch which energizes and de-energizes both ‘v’ and the base simultaneously.


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Construction of a magnetic v block

Constructing a magnetic v block is tricky, especially if you lack the basics of how it works. It is made from cast iron. The basics to construct this system runs from material needed to procedures. One main basic thing that you should know is all faces of the system should be fully machined. In other words, it should be understood that this is a processing instrument, and therefore, no deviations are expected to occur. In full mechanization, the parallelity and flatness of the system's faces should be considered. The length along the two faces and the angle between them should be of true value for accuracy.

Working Principle of a magnetic v block

The internal structures of Magnetic V Block have electromagnets responsible for magnetic charge emitting, which eventually holds ferrous metal-made parts. The available on/off switch helps to magnetic and demagnetize all magnetic V block surfaces. It is designed to hold some of the workpiece at anegle of 45°, e.g., rectangular shapes. The working mechanism of the magnetic v block is like this; when the switch is turned "ON," a simultaneous activation of all three magnetic surfaces of the system. As the block squeezes itself tightly on ferrous metals, the formed magnet holds the workpiece on the V part tightly.

How to maintain a magnetic v block?

Like any other tool, magnetic v block needs to be maintained well not only for its durability but also smooth working with accuracy.


As they are manufactured from materials such as cast Iron, magnetic v blocks tend to be heavy. Their edges are sharp; therefore, this tool needs a lot of care when handling. When lifting or using them, avoid falling them down as their face surfaces might get scratched or lose parallelity hence losing accuracy.

2.Accuracy confirmation

Anytime you would like to use your magnetic v block, you need to check its accuracy first. You can develop a good criterion on how you would confirm the accuracy. Mostly, the V channel sides of this ideal are likely to be affected if you constantly use the same workpiece like cylindrical ones. Sometimes the rust can affect the parallelity of the block, and the four sides become inaccurate.

If you realize your system's block has lost its solidarity sanding ability, check catches, dents, or burrs and feel them. You need to regrind the V channel's faces in order to smoothen them once you realize they are inaccurate. By doing so, you will be improving the tool's accuracy and so the workpiece you may attempt to do with the tool.


Magnetic V blocks need to be kept clean always. You can use a soft-dry hand towel and wipe all its face surfaces; this will improve accuracy.


After using your tool, you will need to keep it for future workpieces. When you buy a magnetic v block, it will come with a protective storage case. This storage box has the right features to keep the magnet v block secure. If you bought it without a storage case, ensure where you store it is secure and free from moisture. In addition, always clean the magnetic v block before storing.

Accessories that used together with magnetic v blocks in applications

U-Shaped Clamps with Knurled head and threaded nut( although not always) are most accessories that can be supplied alongside magnetic v block. These clamps with an adjustable threaded nut and knurled head increase workpiece holding firmness. Although a magnetic v block can use magnetism to hold the workpiece, only two faces of the V channel in a V-shape hold the object. Therefore, there are some loops out of the held workpiece to slide out of the V channel. The use of U-shape clamps adds much to increase holding power on the workpiece.

How to find a reliable magnetic v-block manufacturer?

Often, whenever there is a good ideal in the market, competition tends to be high. As the use of and demand for magnetic v block has been increasing, more manufacturers are out there ready to take that chance. This means there are plenty of magnetic v blocks in the market; only the choice is yours. However, as the demand for these tools remains anonymous, it cannot be easy to know the right quality.

Of course, there are many manufacturers of magnetic v blocks, and some make low-quality products. It will be disappointing if you get out there to buy your magnetic v block but come out with a fake or low-quality one. But it is easy to set yourself free from such a situation. The best way to get the right quality magnetic v block is from the right manufacturer. But how will you know the right manufacturer of magnetic v block?

l.Through online research

The way you browse to know about a certain product is the same way you can get to know magnetic v block manufacturers. It is difficult to move from the U.K to the U.S to know about the quality production of a particular company on magnetic v block. Most of the information about quality production regarding different companies is published online. Therefore, consider a manufacturer with a high profile.

2.Reviews and Ratings

If you want quality and reliable magnetic v block, consider purchasing from a manufacturer with high reviews and ratings. High and good reviews from customers signify satisfaction.

3.Choose to buy from reliable suppliers

Great supplier companies tend to select the most quality products from manufacturers. For example, you can buy your tool from Amazon.


Magnetic v blocks are great tools when it comes to handling complex workpieces. Individuals using these kinds of tools always produce desired products. However, it can be challenging to get a good one, especially with so many manufacturers from around the globe. Therefore, it's advisable if you rely on the profile information of the manufacturer on producing the magnetic v block. Ratings of the manufacturers by customers can stand you a chance to find a reliable magnetic v block manufacturer.


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