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Types of Magnetic Chucks

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Magnetic chuck can be roughly divided into three categories, respectively permanent magnetic chuck,electromagnetic chuck,electro-permanent magnet chuck.

Permanent magnet chuck - has permanent magnet poles that can be switched to control the magnetism to move the workpiece

Electromagnetic chuck - magnetic only when current is switched on. This workholding chuck has the advantage of being able to turn the magnetic pull off, releasing the metal parts quickly and easily. But the downside is that it releases parts when the current stops, often putting workers at risk of injury if it happens during work.

Electropermanent magnet chuck - a hybrid of permanent magnet and electromagnetic. The device locks the part with one wave of electricity, and then unlocks it with another. If power fails while working parts, chuck continues to hold tightly. Each magnet is surrounded by a coil that reverses the polarity of the magnet extremely quickly. Another function of the coil is to control the magnetic pull exerted by the magnetic chuck.This makes the whole process safer.



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