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TOP 10 Magnetic Chuck Manufacturers of 2022

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There are various advantages of using magnetic chucks, which typically include reduced machine setup time, reduced setup process, reduced chuck damage to metal parts, and increased access to all sides of the workpiece. They have become invaluable tools for workholding in surface grinding, milling and other CNC machining applications.

magnetic chuck

Buyers should review various choices to find the best magnetic chuck manufacturer's products. Since different brands offer different features, it is vital to compare the different benefits of multiple magnetic chucks.

The following are the top magnetic chuck manufacturers in the world:

  • MCE

  • Magnetool

  • Bunting

  • Arnold

  • Dexter

  • Accusize

  • JingYi Tools

  • Hermann Schmidt

  • WEN Technology

  • Master Magnetics

(Listed in no particular order of priority)



Since 1975, a commitment to superior quality, manufacturing process and engineering has made MCE a well-known supplier throughout the industry, a highly reliable source of high performance magnets, magnet assemblies and magnetic assemblies manufactured to specification.

MCE has an advanced manufacturing facility that manufactures standard and custom magnetic components and magnet assemblies, including chucks. Industries served include the aerospace, medical, industrial, research laboratories, semiconductor and telecommunications industries.



Magnetool is a veteran owned company founded in 1951 with a fully equipped 40,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility in Troy, Michigan.

As a custom manufacturer of permanent repair magnetic chucks, Magnetool manufactures diverse types of permanent magnetic chucks include standard pole and fine pole permanent magnetic chucks. Besides, magnetic chucks are available in various models and suitable for industrial & commercial applications.



Bunting has been a family-owned business since 1959, headquartered in Newton, Kansas, and has become an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of cutting-edge magnetic equipment used in applications such as magnetic separation, metal detection, conveyor systems, and more.

Magnetic products manufactured by Bunting include plastic processing equipment, material handling products, printed products, permanent magnet clamping assemblies and magnetic tools.



Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of high performance permanent magnets, flexible composites, electromagnets, magnetic components and precision thin metal foils.

Arnold's magnets, metals and systems are used in high-efficiency motors and generators, sensors, batteries and more. Arnold's high performance magnets and magnetic assemblies have a wide variety of applications from electric motors on ships and jets, and commercial aircraft, to pump couplings, batteries, solar panels and traveling wave tubes.



Founded in 1951 as Permag Corporation, Dexter Magnetic Technologies is the global leader in the specification, design and fabrication of magnetic products and assemblies.

Dexter Magnetic Technologies has evolved with market needs to offer superior magnetic solutions. Their philosophy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction has earned a solid reputation as the original architect of magnetic technology.



Accusize Industrial Tools was born in Toronto, Canada, in 2008. As a Canadian distributor, Accusize Industrial Tools serves the metalworking industries with high-quality measuring tools, cutting tools, and machine tool accessories at a very competitive price.

As a distributor of magnetic chucks, Accusize' magnetic chuck products are available in 1/2" and 5/8" sizes and offers calibration, custom manufacturing and packaging, testing, inspection and re-certification, design and engineering, repair, regrinding, and third party logistics services.

JingYi Tools


NingBo JingYi Tools Factory is a source factory specialized in producing powerful magnetic tools for more than 20 years. We have excellent processing equipment, strong technical force, and complete testing facilities.

JingYi Tools' products are exported to countries all over the world and have won the trust of customers with rigorous work style. Besides, we make a wide range of powerful magnetic tools including Magnetic Base, Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck and Lifting Magnet.

Hermann Schmidt

Hermann Schmidt

Since 1962, the name Hermann Schmidt has been synonymous with superior precision workholding solutions. As a manufacturer of standard and custom magnetic systems, the magnetic products they offer are available with permanent, electric & electro permanent block styles.

Currently, their products focus is on a magnetic applications, high precision mechanical devices and palletized work holding solutions, where the need for accuracy & reliability cannot be compromised.

WEN Technology


WEN Technology, Inc. was founded in 1994 based on extensive experience in metal-cutting process monitoring and industrial sensor applications. The company has built on this foundation with a dual focus on monitoring systems for industrial process machinery, and magnetic gripping systems for holding and handling.

WEN Technology is specializing in magnetic chucks, lifters and accessories for metalworking industry, their magnetics group is an industry leader in the design and implementation of high power electro-permanent magnetic clamping systems.

Master Magnetics

magnet suorce

Master Magnetics was founded in 1976 in Castle Rock, Colorado, which is an employee-owned company focused exclusively on manufacturing and distributing magnets and magnetic devices for commercial, industrial, and consumer use.

Master Magnetics owns excellent resources for raw material magnets and the machinery to cut, grind and magnetize magnets to meet our customers applications. The manufacturing capabilities allow them to produce a wide variety of magnetic assemblies.


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