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Magnetic Base Factory Tour

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Hi, I'm Cody. Today, I'd like to give you a quickfire tour around a magnetic base factory in China - Jingyi Tools Factory. Located in Ningbo, the second-largest port in China, Jingyi Tools Factory should be one of your choices if you are looking for a magnetic base supplier no matter you are distributors, wholesalers or retailers.

Let’s started from the gate. This picture beneath was taken by myself and was not retouched as I just hope it gives a view of what Jingyi Tool Factory is in reality. As you can see there are 10 Chinese Characters at the right side, which obviously is the name of this factory in Chinese. And in the piles of cartons are kinds of magnetic bases (actually, magnetic tools like magnetic bases, magnetic chucks, lifting magnet, etc.).

The Gate Jingyi Tools Factory

The Gate Jingyi Tools Factory

Now that you are interested in a magnetic base factory, I think you must have thought of which kind of Magnetic Base you need.

There are some types of magnetic base in Jingyi Tools Factory:

  • ''on/off'' Type Magnetic Base

  • Standard Magnetic Base

  • Magnetic Base Set

  • Universal Magnetic Base

  • Magnetic V-Block

  • Magnetic base with light

  • Magnetic base with nozzle

  • Or you just want some accessories of magnetic bases?

If any of these are what you want, you might have an interested in the manufacturing process of magnetic bases. Let me show you how Jingyi Tools Factory makes your magnetic bases from Rahul's order.

Days ago, I received a mail from Rahul, an American bro, to quote for magnetic base without fine adjustment and mechanical universal magnetic base.

An Inquiry Email for Magnetic Base

He wanted 1000 pcs of magnetic bases without fine adjustment and 300 pcs of mechanical universal magnetic base and he want other colors for the base or rod. After some negotiation, I promised to give him a 2% discount and 35 days of lead time. And several days later, his order proceeded into production.

What the Rahul wants is our regular neutral magnetic bases.

We first use a die casting machine, then use a CNC lathe to process magnetic bases to ensure the accuracy, and then through advanced spray process the bases are coated with uniform color on the surface.

These photos below are the machines used to make magnetic bases, which you will see when entering the gate.

Die Casting Machine for Magnetic Base Processing

Die Casting Machine for Magnetic Base Processing

CNC lathe for Magnetic Base Processing

CNC lathe for Magnetic Base Processing

The products are assembled and packaged by professional assembly workers, each of whom has more than 5 years of experience. And then, our quality inspection personnel will check the appearance and test parallelism and verticality. After inspection, the magnetic base is wrapped using dustproof OPP bags and put into color boxes, and finally put into hard cartons to ensure that it will not be damaged during transit.

Magnetic Base Wrapped by Dustproof OPP Bags

Magnetic Base Wrapped by Dustproof OPP Bags

Magnetic Base Put into a Color Box - 1

Magnetic Base Put into a Color Box - 1

Magnetic Base Put into a Color Box - 2

Magnetic Base Put into a Color Box - 2

The final delivery will be arranged by our dedicated truck driver to the customer's designated warehouse.

When Rahul received his package, he emailed me again.

Magnetic Base Feedback Email

Hoorah! He was satisfied!

If you want learn more about magnetic bases and the related accessories that Jingyi tools factory can produce, you can go to this page:

Or, you just “Contact Us” through the navigation bar.

Ok, if Jingyi Tools Factory is not your choice, you may still have many questions like:

How to find a reliable magnetic bases supplier or manufacturer?

How do I know whether the supplier or manufacturer is qualified?

Is it better to work with magnetic base supplier near me, or abroad?

Don’t worry, dear friends, I’ll give you some ideas.

As far as I am concerned, magnetic base suppliers are those who are able to offer you products and inventory while magnetic base manufacturers are those who have the capability to make finished magnetic bases from some raw materials. A supplier may also be a manufacturer. If you want your product ideas come into earth, a manufacturer should be a better choice. If you want purchase already-existing products, then, manufacturer and supplier are both OK if the price and services fit you.

You can find magnetic base manufacturers at some online platform like AliExpress, Alibaba, Indimart, sourcify...

These platforms connect you with tens of thousands of magnetic base manufacturers and suppliers and also you can quickly find existing magnetic bases by entering your parameters in the search box. You will see some online stores in these platform declare that they are manufacturers. So you can send them messages to ask whether they support custom magnetic bases and their minimum order quantities (MOQs). Before your purchasing, I think you’d better ask the supplier for more detailed like certifications, samples, lead times, shipping costs, setup fees, payment methods, defect policy...

Also, Google can be a powerful tool to find your supplier. You can use various search terms like magnetic base “distributor” or manufacturer, and magnetic base “wholesale” or “wholesaler”,  and the search results can be different. It’s possible to find some very old websites as many magnetic base suppliers give more focus on offline exhibitions rather than their websites. Just contact them to ask whatever you want to know.

The answer is a bit complex when it comes to comparing domestic and overseas magnetic suppliers.

If you choose a magnetic base supplier in your country or even your city, communication is quite easy without any language and cultural differences. You can check magnetic bases and verity the supplier  in person just through a visit. Besides, the shipping time is shorter and the payment is easier and safer. When you work with an overseas magnetic base supplier, less cost is obviously the primary benefit.

To be honest, I think it’s pretty good to work with several manufacturers and supplier at once to have more product choices and create an inventory. By the way, Jingyi Tools Factory is really a good choice for you. Haha!

My friend, I hope these tips can help you more or less. And if you any questions about magnetic bases, don’t hesitate to contact us! Good day!


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