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Magnetic bases are commonly used in metalworking projects that involve using machinery. Essentially, they are holders with a magnet that one can switch off or on. They function as stands for items (often dial indicators), and users can fix them on magnetic surfaces. It is possible to use magnetic bases on any magnetic surface and can be placed in various positions, including inverted, horizontally, vertically, and at a certain angle.



''on/off'' Type Magnetic bases include lever switch types and push-button kinds. The lever switch types bases have a switch function by turning the lever to the left to switch on the magnet and to the right to switch off the magnet. Push-button magnetic bases have a push-button switch that turns the magnet on or off. To work, they push and release the button to switch the magnet on or off. Wlien the button gets depressed, the magnet is turned on.
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